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David Mays

Father, Photographer, Astronaut

(that's me on the right, and Steve Hoffer on the left)

When I met Steven Hoffer in 1996, I had just started working as a professional photographer.  He and I got along well from the very beginning.  He taught me things about photography that I hadn't realized, and made me a much better photographer.  I went to work for Steve full time in 2000.  After a hiatus and time spent in a completely different universe from photography, I ran into Steve again at a hockey rink (so very fitting, since it was he who taught me about hockey, and got me hooked on that great sport!) in 2012.  I came back to work for him then, helped run the business when he got sick, and took over completely in 2013 when he went on to his next grand adventure.  I miss him - we all do.

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